Friday, January 27, 2012

Again, Long time... ...

So, I officially have no excuse. It's been way, WAY too long since my last post. Not since last year. (Had to throw in some new year humor). Although Christmastime is crazy busy, it was no excuse.

Obviously, we all got over the flu, I do, however, still carry the scars. It was very traumatic, and anytime one of my beloveds burps, I ask if they have to spit. (It's become a reflex, oftentimes I look for the nearest vestibule in case my children have that sudden urge to empty their stomachs.) I really hope no other parent ever, EVER has to experience the flu with their children. Totally unrealistic as that is, I really do hope.

Well, if I haven't any excuse, besides flu trauma, what have I been up to? Knitting. I have acquired an obsession with knitting. In fact, I'm probably only blogging right now simply because my hands are sore from the craft. I am officially in love. Not only is it amazing to create something from string and two sticks, but it's extremely therapeutic, and with a 2 and 3 year old driving me constantly insane, well, it helps. Plus, I have convinced their daddy that we'll save money, because I can knit them stuff that we would have to buy. (Psst, don't tell him that yarn is probably more expensive then most hats/mittens would be for most toddlers).

In fact, I've been living by another blogger and amazing knitter, the Yarn Harlot. I might even be considered slightly stalker-like. I reached into her blog's archives to read her blog from the very beginning. In my defence, I'm still in her 2004 (the same year she started the blog) and I only started reading her archives on Monday.

Here's some of my recent knit work that I've been up to in the last couple of months:

This is a mouse toy for the cat... he kept attacking the wool I used for Lucas' hat, so I decided to make him a toy. I hoped this would get him to stop attacking my Peruvian Wool, apparently, not so much.

 These hats were knit for a friend who's having twin girls. Hopefully I can get the info to send them to her in the hospital before her girls arrive. We were going to give them at her baby shower, but apparently her girls had other ideas.
This last picture is us in a rare occurrence over Christmas Break, it snowed. Last year it only snowed twice, and only stuck once. The recently knitted item is Lucas' hat. This is the same as the mouse toy. I decided to lock the cat up when needing to leave knit-work out, and to have a spray bottle handy when he was out and about the house. I won, the hat was finished.

On a bright note, Emily has finally learned to undress herself. Unfortunately, this means after her nap, and before I know to even get her, she's stripped bare. And I mean bare, no diaper, nothing. Regardless of what the contents of her diaper were. If nothing, it's keeping me on my toes... ... no wonder Women have a higher rate of heart disease, all this child rearing takes it's toll.
Emily, WAY too proud of her stripping capabilities! I think we're going to have our hands full during her teen years.

Well, hope your adventures give you as many laughs as they do tears!!!

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